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About SEO

How soon will I see my website ranking position improve?

It depends on your industry but you will see changes right away with ranking position moving in a matter of weeks. Some sites go from being completely invisible in search results to visible instantly but keep in mind that the interaction with the site visitors is a ranking factor and that takes time.

About Us

What is your availability?

As a freelance SEO we take on big and small projects. Depending on your needs and website requirements we may have as little as 24hour turn-around time on small tasks such as social media consistency edits or on other projects such as large websites with content writing needs it may take us months to complete them. The sooner you contact us the better chance your website is getting set up properly for discoverability. We value your business needs and we will do everything we can to ensure your website is set up to succeed on the web.

How much Experience Do You Have?

We have been optimizing websites since 2013. We also have 13 years of experience in data-mining, 4 years experience working with programmers on user-interface for research related systems. Successfully optimized clients in various industries to include construction material, commercial real estate software, and health and fitness center.

Why should I choose you?

We offer affordable upfront pricing on our SEO Services. Many of our competitors will say "it depends". Unlike our competition our founder has a Masters in Business Administration and knows exactly what costs are associated with the labor so we can give you a very detailed estimate. Be careful with "it depends on your site" price estimate which can make you vulnerable to hidden charges and fees. We value your time so we give you a transparent per page, per image and per word cost so that we don't waste your time. Our team is trained in cyber security, website development, boolean logic, and white-hat SEO techniques in accordance with Google Webmaster Academy. Here's an interesting article about what you should ask before hiring an SEO Consultant. What to ask before hiring an SEO

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