About Melissa Reyna

Raised in a big family with the help of grandparents (both teachers) I had an appetite for learning at a young age. My grandmother says I learned how to read on my own when I was 3.  According to her, I would ask what the words were on the road signs during road trips from the city to the country-side in Panama and recognized the patterns  before knowing the alphabet.  This came in handy and I skipped second grade, consequently graduating High School at the age of 16. It wasn’t easy growing up in a time  before home computers.  Instead of being able to ask “Siri” or “Alexa” I used the dictionary, Encyclopedia Britannica or visited the Library. You know, that building you haven’t visited in a while.  After graduating High School, and still under 18, I enlisted in the military (U.S. ARMY) and was assigned a profession that required me to do a lot of reading which I enjoyed.  I was exposed to the creation, information retrieval and administration of research databases. I completed my military commitment and was hired as a defense contract civilian overseas as a research analyst.  I developed complex boolean logic search strings and had knack for conducting quick data-mining.  Speed of information is key to military operations overseas. Having a military background and experience overseas I was offered a position with the government where I work full time as a Microsoft SharePoint site administrator and manager.

I have the attention to detail and passion as well as patience for search engine optimization. I also have  the education to appreciate the work it takes to run a business.  The best part of being an SEO consultant is that I know I can take on the tedious work of inbound marketing so that businesses can focus on running their business.  Let’s get your website discovered today.

How the company Started

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